A RADICAL new way of learning ANY language is on offer at KITCHEN LINGO.

The courses take place in a beautiful private home in Hammerwood, East Sussex, where students learn the language over a meal which they prepare and eat together, all the while reading and talking - and sometimes singing - in Italian.

After introductions "Italian style", the group gathers around the table to read and translate the seasonal recipe of the day.  Moving on to the food preparation stage, everyone is given some prep work, tools and of course more useful words and phrases. Once the dish is ready, we gather around the table to enjoy and discuss the meal.   

Learning in the kitchen, doing things and eating together, is a very effective method of language instruction.

Think back to those times when you found yourself seated at a table next to a stranger speaking a foreign language ... and by the end of the meal were communicating like old friends?

Perhaps it hasn’t happened to every one of us, nonetheless cooking and eating in company is one of mankind's oldest and richest pleasures and the basis for many enjoyable forms of communication.

The kitchen is usually the heart of the home and its atmosphere is pleasantly relaxing, so this helps overcome the nerves that some people feel when trying to start talking in a foreign language.

At KITCHEN ITALIAN you can say as much as you like, or just listen to develop your ear. Every level of language proficiency is welcome, as everyone can say and learn as much or as little as they want. And, of course, at the end of the session you will also have learnt to cook a delicious recipe and share a meal with everyone else. 

The beauty of KITCHEN LINGO is that everybody can come and take advantage of it, whatever the level of proficiency.  If you already speak good Italian you are free to converse with me just in Italian, but if you don't,  at the end of the class you will have learned to say your name, ask people's names, and a great variety of terms related to the kitchen but also to colours, smells, nature, music and cutlure!

The session costs £25 a head for the adult classes and £20 for the Junior classes (kids). It includes the 3 hours teaching and the meal, with all the ingredients, so you just need to bring yourself and, if you remember, you apron! 

When possible, we will be sourcing organic and local food from the wonderful organic farms that this area is blessed with: Tablehurst Farm (http://tablehurst.farm), Plawhatch Farm (www.plawhatchfarm.co.uk) and The Crossing (http://thecrossingforestrow.com). We are also keen to use salt that has not been deprived of its original properties, therefore we always use good salt from The Good Salt Company (www.thegoodsaltcompany.co.uk ), another wonderful and local business. 

We are strong supporters of Slow Food, the movement that started in Italy in an attempt to resist the spread of fast food outlets that threaten our health and that of local businesses and farmers. 

learn italian while cooking ... and eating 

Contact us on (44) 01342 850070 or 07917772226 or email anna@kitchen-lingo.com.