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Languages have always been my passion.  Born and raised in Italy, I moved to England after graduating in English, French and Portuguese in Venice.  I also lived in the South of France for several years. (Ah la Cộte! )

When I came to England I worked for a fantastic travel company based in Oxford, ATG, and run gastronomic walking holidays in Italy where I had the opportunity to learn even more about food and hospitality. 


A professional translator for a long time, I started  Kitchen Lingo a couple of years ago, marrying my love of languages and people to create a gratifying and social activity like cooking and eating together.

Building bridges among ourselves instead of barriers is so important. Being able to speak another language and communicate with people in another country is one of the most exciting things I can think of. 

KITCHEN ITALIAN currently runs in Hammerwood, East Sussex, every week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm,   The cost is £25 per person for the adult classes and £20 for the kids classes and it includes everything.  

Classes can be also started on request and I can come to your house for special occasions like birthdays,  anniversaries,  and so on.  

We recently celebrated the Festa di San Valentino (St. Valentine’s Day) with a special class: we cooked a romantic meal, read Italian love poems, and even sang operatic arias!

KITCHEN LINGO can also offer classes in other languages like Kitchen French, Kitchen German, Kitchen Spanish and Kitchen English for foreign students. 

Get in touch for more information. 

​Contact KITCHEN LINGO on (44) 01342 850070 or 07917772226 or email